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100% finest 160 gsm combed cotton Tee. Short sleeve t-shirt. Discharge print in front.


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Japanese Carp or "Koi" is a common motif of traditional Japanese tattoo, and plays an important role in the myths and legends of China and Japan. In many of these stories, the "Koi" after persevere and sacrifice, gets traced cascades and waterfalls, until the source of the river, where, according to tradition, is transformed into a dragon as a reward for their efforts. The "Koi" as a symbol represents perseverance against adversity and hardship, and strength of character that leads us to achieve our goals. It also represents wisdom, knowlege, longevity and loyalty.
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Ratings and comments from our customers

Pues me llevé una sorpresa cuando ví q el negro desteñía. Una faena, la verdad, pq la camiseta es preciosa, pero.....,

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