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Who are we?

We are the type of people who want to express their way of understanding life on their clothes: loyalty, honour, rebellion, anger, self-improvement, madness or death itself.

We were born in 2006 creating designs that told our stories which we expressed on awesome quality t-shirts that we sold to friends and acquaintances. We knew from the start that we wanted to make top-quality clothes (the sort you can wear over and over, and over again, and which still look new) - Confusion Wear's commitment to quality has been non-negotiable from day one.

CNF is our fight and we draw our strength from all those people who believe and fight for their dreams; those who, despite obstacles, defeat, failures and collapse, get back up on their feet to try again. "Fall down seven times, stand up eight." Our inspiration is all around us: what we see, hear, feel...
We do things our own way, in fact our motto "MyWay" has become synonymous with reaching goals as we are slowly achieving our dream.

We look forward without forgetting where we came from. We laugh when we remember our tough start. Times are still hard today, and we continue struggling. And that is where the slogans that best represent us come from: "No surrender". There have been many cross-roads that we have come across on our path to achieving our goals.

If you are also concerned about sharing who you are with the world, "your own struggle", then you are part of us too, and part of our inspiration. We want to get to know you!